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We launched end 2019. 
Why is CONVERTURA different?
Knowing who we are?
Knowing our starting points & principles?


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consultancy 3.0 - New Style

Business Consultancy – 1/ Digital Consultancy. CONVERTURA is a non-marketing digital consultancy agency. We bring solutions within the domain of digitization and digitalization. We support digital process optimization. We support the creation of a digital platform and digital products. We ensure that companies become digitally mature and are supported at crucial and critical moments.

Business Consultancy – 3/ Not an hour’s bill. 
CONVERTURA is – in contrast to most Consultancy companies – not interested in invoicing by the hour. CONVERTURA focuses on results. Prices are always transparent per delivery (Intake, Scan, Implementation process) and are shared in advance. 

Business Consultancy – 5/ Maximum use of online interaction.
Especially in these special times, we work online as much as possible. CONVERTURA supports both on-site and online and respects all safety and security rules.

Business Consultancy – 7/ Collaborating with integrators. 
When necessary, CONVERTURA cooperates with a number of integrators. This has the advantage that they can be chosen independently and are not directed to their own – sometimes obsolete – products or commissionable subscriptions.

Business consulting – 2/ Business x IT.  CONVERTURA works at the intersection of business and IT and, as part of its expertise, explores how new technologies (can) have an impact on businesses. Time and again it is shown that this is where the most value can be found: in the collaboration between business and IT. Again and again it is demonstrated that this is also where the complexity lies. Developing and maintaining an overall view is often the start of a solution process.

Business Consultancy – 4/ Flexibility – Instant Consulting. 
CONVERTURA also does instant consulting. Instant consulting is not a quick scan but an approach that actually delivers results by usually being connected in  a ‘condensed manner, either as’ time ‘on-site’ or ‘online’ with the intention to achieve so-called ‘jumps’ in progress in a well-defined area.

Business consultancy – 6/ Subscription formula possible. 
For those who want, CONVERTURA offers a unique and convenient subscription formula. Within a number of domains, CONVERTURA’s services can then be used frequently. The advantage is efficiency, since contractual data are arranged within a subscription formula. Within this formula, CONVERTURA offers the guarantee of being able to opt out at any time within a transparent pro rata arrangement. We are happy to be available for more information.