The basis for a succesful growth trajectory


"A successful digital transformation SME starts with a broad understanding of the road ahead".

SMEs: building sufficient understanding of what a digital transformation is

SMEs themselves indicate that they often lack the relevant knowledge. They are therefore juggling with many ‘hypes’ and buzzwords that do not always add much value. Very often this leads to a very fragmented approach. With a digital transformation it is important to oversee the entire playing field and, as a kind of digital compass, to chart a digital course that is constantly correcting itself through self-learning. A digital transformation is a process of becoming digitally mature. It happens step by step. An overall view and understanding of it ensures that the company has attention for the right initiatives at the right time.

Digitization versus digitalization

Often a lot of concepts are mixed up. Digital, digitization, digitization… they’re used interchangeably, although they’re really very different. Digitization strives for operational excellence. Digitalization creates digital customer value. Digitization is often a prerequisite for starting a successful digitization process. Digitization focuses on the existing processes that are being digitized and therefore significantly improved. Digitisation involves creating a digital platform that ensures that a successful digital offering is created. As a company, it is important to carefully distinguish between these two things. A digital growth trajectory is therefore – although the importance of IT cannot be overestimated – not striving for a perfect IT architecture or restructuring.

A digital transformation touches every aspect of a company

A transformation affects the whole company. Is the company’s backbone process-ready? To what extent is the vision on customer value developed? Where and when ido we truly listen to the customer? To what extent is there a ‘digital heart’ of components that are brought together to create a digital offering? Is there enough talent on board? How can own people grow more adequately as part of a digital transformation? Is there a clear vision on data and its use? How is IT organized? How agile and (digitally) fast is the company? Having a holistic view ensures that the right initiatives are accurately prioritized – taking into account dependencies.

An Intake as a succesful start of a digital transformation

CONVERTURA’s Digital Transformation Intake can be used as a one-off learning trajectory or as a recurrent tool to keep a transformation on track. In a first phase, we listen to the DNA, the specific strengths of the company and the degree of digital maturity. This set of data is ‘mapped’ onto a canvas of what a transformation entails. This gives the company an explicit insight into opportunities and risks. It goes without saying that not all possible initiatives can be tackled at the same time. In a dialogue, the right priorities are sought by combing them with the business strategy, degree of feasibility (complexity) and potential profit.




CONVERTURA uses a n in-house developed methodology to clarify opportunities and opportunities through an in-depth Digital Transformation Intake: most urgent and relevant digitization initiatives, enrichment of the digital offering, increase of customer knowledge and related conditions. CONVERTURA delivers an exhaustive and action-oriented report. Click below to download the Digital Transformation Intake Process.


CONVERTURA not only provides a useful report. CONVERTURA also guarantees implementability of the steps towards a mature digital transformation. That is why CONVERTURA offers end-to-end guidance, starting from the delivery of the Digital Transformation Intake. Such guidance - using the results of the Intake as a guide - is always completely 'à la carte' and often has the character of a full Program Management.