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Digital strategy and digital skills? How to get started. CONVERTURA provides guidance when starting up or further developing a digital transformation. 2/3 days Digital Information Intake: after Intake + 7 days (maximum processing time) full analysis and concrete proposals and roadmap. Your perfect introduction to a digital strategy.


Support in increasing the innovative capacity of your organization. 1/ A conscious search for innovation, 2/ Customer value proposition and business model, 3/ Building and managing an innovative organization. Digital Consultancy related to new offerings.

Digital Collaboration
& Learning

Digital strategy and digital skills? Many forget the importance of developing digital skills. CONVERTURA supports projects that aim to increase the digital collaboration and learning capacity of your organization. 1/ Making maximum use of the right digital tools, 2/ Increasing the digital skills of your team(s), 3/ Agile for non-IT, 4/ Multidisciplinary teams.


Digital strategy and digital skills? Get a quick overview of the digital maturity of your organization and detect your biggest opportunities. As a company, get ahead of your competitors. Based on scientific studies. Proposals for digital strategy and digital skills development.

Winning Initiatives - Business Strategy

Digital strategy. Support in defining strategic trajectories to identify and implement winning initiatives. Explicitation of business strategies. Critical review and detailing of your business model.

Crossing the

Consultancy for those who want to cross the border (especially within Europe), both in terms of analysis and implementation. Analysis, scenario development, go-to-market. Support at key moments.

1 - Digitale Transformation - Intake & Initiatives

Digital strategy and digital skills? CONVERTURA guides your company in the field of digital transformation. The Digital Transformation Intake clarifies what a digital transformation is and zooms in on the various pillars of a transformation. It makes clear what phase a company is in and what initiatives are advisable. Each Intake consists of 4 phases: 1/ Classic business exploration, 2/ Snapshot of (potential) digital path, 3/ Tech exploration, 4/ Learnings and mapping of initiatives, concrete roadmap. First step up to a full fledge digital strategy.

Digital Transformation - Intake

2 - Digital Innovation

Digital strategy and digital skills? A pillar of any transformation is learning to innovate (digitally). CONVERTURA guides companies in the field of digital innovation. Digital organization and innovation are inextricably linked. By using (new) technology, customer value is created. CONVERTURA works around three crucial pillars. One: the conscious search for innovation. Some companies are simply better ‘skilled’ to innovate. The good news is: you (as a company) can learn to innovate. Two: the ‘crafting’ of a customer value proposition and (innovative) business model as part of a digital strategy. CONVERTURA uses the latest insights and methods. Three: building and managing innovation within an (existing) organization. How do you give innovation a real chance, separate from the current status of an organization? In addition, CONVERTURA provides digital consultancy and training in the field of innovation in the broadest sense of the word.

Digitale collaboratie en ook Digitale Skills
Bedrijfsstrategie - How to win

3 - Collaboration and Continuous Learning

Digital strategy and digital skills cannot be achieved without digital collaboration and continuous learning. Collaboration and learning and the conscious optimization of these skills are an integral part of becoming digitally mature.  CONVERTURA specialises in those domains identified as the greatest concern of companies, but also those processes that contribute maximally to your digital business curve. One: making maximum use of the right digital tools. The range of free, low cost and paying tools is very broad and still growing every day. CONVERTURA has now screened some +100 tools in terms of wins, cost, ease of use and implementation. There is a lot of profit to be made – quickly, but only if the right tools are chosen and implemented correctly. Two: increasing the digital skills of your team(s). Increasing digital skills is the main concern of the majority of business leaders. Three: agile for non-IT.  Working ‘agile’ is particularly popular when it comes to IT development. Nevertheless, the principles of ‘agile’ working are very instrumental, even in non-IT environments, as long as there is no need to strive for standardization (e.g. in a production environment) and the result is still ‘open’. Four: multi-disciplinary teams. Multidisciplinary teams are a prerequisite for digital growth, whether it concerns building customer insights, development, customer approach or innovation.

4 - Digital Maturity

Digital strategy and digital skills? Where are we? CONVERTURA performs a Digital Maturity Scan (free scan currently only available in Dutch). This can be a FREE Quick Scan or a Full Scan (Intake). The Digital Maturity Quick Scan questions you and a number of your colleagues so that the phase of the company’s digital transformation becomes clear and the priorities become clear. With the Full Scan, the opportunities are discussed in much more detail. The latter always happens after a thorough on-site intake. 

Bedijfsstrategie - Winnende inititiatieven

5 - Winning Initiatives & Business Strategy

Management Consultancy on strategy and choosing winning initiatives. From start to finish, CONVERTURA guides the process from building up the fact base to making the aspiration (leading to Where-to-Play and How-to-Win) explicit to concrete winning initiatives and an implementation plan.

6 - Crossing the Border

Management Consultancy if you start up business abroad. CONVERTURA assists in both analysis and start-up of cross-border initiatives. CONVERTURA has extensive experience in doing business in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, France, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain.

digitale strategie - een raamwerk
digitale strategie - ook belangrijk voor kmo's